Our goal is to make your life easier by delivering quality garment care along with new technologies. We're proud to serve our community and our first-rate customer service will earn your trust.

Your local US CLEANERS dry cleaners provide dry cleaning, shirt laundry, alterations, wash & fold, bulk laundry, leather cleaning, wedding gown cleaning and wedding gown preservation in addition to many bulky household items such as comforters. We are your professional local dry cleaners.


Beyond popular belief, dry cleaning does not mean your clothing tumbles around in a dry basket of air. Clothes are deep cleaned in a safe solution, the solution is extracted out, then your clothes are steam pressed. The entire cleaning process contains no water (only a solution); hence the name “dry” cleaning.  The cleaning solution is excellent at removing your most common stains. Dry cleaning is great for your specialty items or your everyday wardrobe.


Our state of the art equipment gives a press unlike any other at a cost unlike any other. Shirts and blouses are washed with soap and starch of your preference. After the wash they are pressed while wet. 100% cotton is the absolute safest material to process in commercial laundry. Anything else we recommend dry cleaning.


Sometimes called a “service wash” or "fluff and fold", wash, dry, fold service is a convenient method of having us do your laundry, saving you time and effort.

Simply drop off your soiled laundry. Out of the dryer, we expertly fold your clothes. We match like clothes to make it easier to put away and we even match your socks!

Consider the value of your time – you can save money by using US CLEANERS wash & fold service. We’ll eliminate the need for a washer and dryer at home.

Wash, dry, fold service is priced by the pound – based on the weight of your clean laundry (10lb minimum charge).


Let’s make it clean and fresh for your next use! We take care of your linen and tablecloths with wet cleaning or dry cleaning options to remove the toughest stains. Oil stains? Too much wine last night? Let the professionals take care of it.


We know wedding dresses are an important keepsake. That’s why wedding dress cleaning and/or preservation is sent out to a professional cleaning company that specializes in wedding dresses.



Leather and suede cleaning are always sent to an off-site specialty cleaner to ensure the absolute best and safest cleaning because they should not be cleaned in a regular dry clean process. US Cleaners charges the lowest rates in town for this type of cleaning.



Our expert tailors can handle minor repairs and complete alterations in a snap. For a complete list of alteration and repair services, please contact the store for a list of alterations and tailoring that can be done in house.

  • Shorten sleeves 

  • Hem pants, skirts, dresses and outerwear 

  • Take in jackets, shirts, dresses, pants and jeans 

  • Adjust the shoulders of a coat or jacket 

  • Replace zippers and buttons 

  • Repair holes

  • Sew on Ranks


Ozone treatment is used to deodorize garments, such as those that have suffered smoke damage from a fire, pet odor, mold odor, etc.


US CLEANERS cleans a variety of household items including comforters, throw blankets, table cloths, pillow covers, and many more. When cleaning household items we recommend you bring in the entire set to ensure proper cleaning care. 


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